Editorial introductions
Recent trends in simulation for obstetric anesthesia
Maternal mortality
Cesarean delivery fluid management
Epidural analgesia and maternal fever
Caesarean delivery vasopressor management
The role of recombinant activated factor VII in obstetric hemorrhage
Challenges in paediatric ambulatory anesthesia
Preoperative evaluation, premedication, and induction of anesthesia in infants and children
A child with a difficult airway
Anesthesia in children with a cold
Anesthetic considerations for the patient with liver disease
Anesthetic management in patients undergoing hyperthermic chemotherapy
Renin–angiotensin system inhibitors and angioedema
Rational use of oxygen in medical disease and anesthesia
The anesthesiologist and end-of-life care
Anesthesia in patients with cancer disorders
Should antifibrinolytics be given in all patients with trauma?
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