Editorial introductions
Conscious processing
Induced changes in protein receptors conferring resistance to anesthetics
Monod–Wyman–Changeux allosteric mechanisms of action and the pharmacology of etomidate
Pharmacogenetics in perioperative medicine
Computational genetic discoveries that could improve perioperative medicine
Fundamental concepts of epigenetics for consideration in anesthesiology
Pain and genetics
Diversification and specialization in anesthesia outside the operating room
The current status of procedural sedation for pediatric patients in out-of-operating room locations
Airway management outside the operating room
Anesthetic management of electrophysiology procedures
The use of high-frequency jet ventilation for out of operating room anesthesia
Anesthetic management of endovascular procedures for cerebrovascular atherosclerosis
Anesthetic management of children undergoing hematologic–oncologic procedures outside the operating room
Pediatric dermatologic procedures performed outside the operating room
Regional anesthesia outside the operating room
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