Editorial introductions
Quality maternal care
Working toward quality in obstetric anesthesia
Safety interventions on the labor and delivery unit
Strategies to reduce blood product utilization in obstetric practice
Current applications of big data in obstetric anesthesiology
The use of ultrasound in obstetric anesthesia
Training future anesthesiologists in obstetric care
The use of vasopressors during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section
Clinical ‘pearls’ of maternal critical care Part 2
Update in pediatric anesthesiology
Update on developmental anesthesia neurotoxicity
Anesthesia and concussion
Codeine and opioid metabolism
Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing
An update on the perioperative management of children with upper respiratory tract infections
The implications of immunization in the daily practice of pediatric anesthesia
The American College of Surgeons Children's Surgery Verification and Quality Improvement Program
Making the pediatric perioperative surgical home come to life by leveraging existing health information technology
Optimizing patients undergoing surgery (OPUS)
Anaesthesia in patients with liver disease
Prevention of respiratory complications of the surgical patient
Frailty and anesthesia
Anesthesia in adults with congenital heart disease
Anesthesia in patients with infectious disease caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria
Anesthetic consideration for neuromuscular diseases