Editorial introductions
Dexmedetomidine : the new all-in-one drug in paediatric anaesthesia?
Neurotoxicity of anesthetic drugs : an update
Opioid-induced hyperalgesia in clinical anesthesia practice : what has remained from theoretical concepts and experimental studies?
Perioperative management of antithrombotic therapies
Lipid resuscitation in acute poisoning : after a decade of publications, what have we really learned?
Training anesthesiologists in out-of-operating room anesthesia
Sedation for advanced procedures in the bronchoscopy suite : proceduralist or anesthesiologist?
Providing anesthesia in resource-limited settings
Safety of deep sedation in the endoscopy suite
Procedural sedation in the ICU and emergency department
The role of the anaesthesiologist in air ambulance medicine
Tumescent anaesthesia : its applications and well tolerated use in the out-of-operating room setting