Analog Design Issues in Digital VLSI Circuits and Systems
Selection of Voltage Thresholds for Delay Measurement
Delay and Power Expressions for a CMOS Inverter Driving a Resistive-Capacitive Load
Mixed Analog Digital Simulation of Integrated Circuits with BRASIL
Ramp Input Response of RC Tree Networks
A Wired-AND Current-Mode Logic Circuit Technique in CMOS for Low-Voltage, High-Speed and Mixed-Signal VLSIC
Design and Evaluation of Adiabatic Arithmetic Units
Filter Design Using a New Field-Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)
CMOS PLL Design in a Digital Chip Environment
di/dt Noise in CMOS Integrated Circuits
Latin Hypercube Sampling Monte Carlo Estimation of Average Quality Index for Integrated Circuits
Analysis of Metastable Operation in a CMOS Dynamic D-Latch