Microsystems and Smart Sensor Interfaces
A Compact 3V, 70mW, 12-bit Video-Speed CMOS ADC
An 8-bit, 200 MSPS Folding and Interpolating ADC
Integrated Time-to-Digital Converters Based on Interpolation
Current-Mode Temperature Compensated Continuous-Time CMOS Transconductance-C Filter
Comparison of Two Integrated BiCMOS 950 MHz Direct I/Q Modulators
A 1.6-GHz Current-Controlled Oscillator with Integrated Inductor
Low-Voltage Direct I/Q-Modulator and Power Amplifier for 2-GHz Transmitter
1.7 Volt, DC to 15 GHz Differential Amplifier with Constant Group Delay in InP-HBT Technology
Millimetre Wave Signal Generation Using Monolithic HEMT Technologies