Learning on Silicon
Biologically-Inspired On-Chip Learning in Pulsed Neural Networks
Spike Based Normalizing Hebbian Learning in an Analog VLSI Artificial Neuron
Antidromic Spikes Drive Hebbian Learning in an Artificial Dendritic Tree
Hardware Implementation of a Pulse Density Neural Network Using Simultaneous Perturbation Learning Rule
A Circuit Architecture for Analog On-Chip Back Propagation Learning with Local Learning Rate Adaptation
Mixed-Mode Programmable and Scalable Architecture for On-Chip Learning
Using Spectral Subtraction for Suppression of Noise in Speech Signals with Analog Integrated Circuits
Analog Hardware Implementation of Continuous-Time Adaptive Filter Structures
Design of a Temporal Learning Chip for Signal Generation and Classification
Silicon Retina with Adaptive Filtering Properties
A Locally Adaptive Multimode Photodetector Circuit
A Dedicated Multi-Chip Programmable System for Cellular Neural Networks
A Nonlinear Noise-Shaping Delta-Sigma Modulator with On-Chip Reinforcement Learning*
A Micropower Adaptive Linear Transform Vector Quantiser