Bipolar Current Feedback Amplifier
Cascode Configurations for Switched Current Copiers
A 2.7 V CMOS Analog Front End for CCD Video Systems
Compact High Gain CMOS Op Amp Design using Comparators
A CMOS Voltage Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input-Range
Input-Free VTP and - VTN Extractor Circuits Realized on the Same Chip
A BiCMOS Current Conveyor Based Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier
A CMOS Four Quadrant Current/Transconductance Multiplier
Robust Low Power CMOS Single-Ended to Fully-Balanced Converter Circuits
A Common Source Input Cross Coupled Quad CMOS Mixer*
Sensitivities of Band-Edge Selectivities
A Subthreshold CMOS Continuous-Time Bandpass Filter with Large-Signal Stability
OTA-C Filters with Finite Zeros