A 0.8 μm BiCMOS Gate Driver for IGBT Power Switch
A BiCMOS Wideband Amplifier for the Extraction of Base Spreading Resistance with Noise Measurement Techniques
A Modular Multi-Chip Neuromorphic Architecture for Real-Time Visual Motion Processing
A Robust Analog VLSI Reichardt Motion Sensor
Current-Mode High Output Impedance Sinusoidal Oscillator Configuration Employing Single FTFN
Chaotic Oscillators Derived from Sinusoidal Oscillators Based on the Current Feedback Op Amp
New Sinusoidal Oscillators with Fully Uncoupled Control of Oscillation Frequency and Condition Using Three CCII+s
Realization of Novel Linear Sinusoidal VCOs
A Continuous Time Auto-Zero Offset Compensated Switched Capacitor Integrator