Foreword Special Issue on Analog Circuit Techniques and Related Topics
Design of Fully Balanced Analog Systems Based on Ordinary and/or Modified Single-Ended Opamps
Substrate Noise Simulation Techniques for Analog-Digital Mixed LSI Design
A 10 bit Current-Mode CMOS A/D Converter with a Current Predictor and a Modular Current Reference
A 1.5 V, 8 mW, 8 b, 15 Msps BiCMOS A/D Converter
Low-Power Area-Efficient Pipelined A/D Converter Design Using a Single-Ended Amplifier
Differential Analog Data Path DC Offset Calibration Methods
A CMOS Offset Phase Locked Loop for a GSM Transmitter
A 1.9-GHz Direct Conversion Transmitter IC with Low Power On-Chip Frequency Doubler
GaAs FET Current-Mode Integrators and Their Application to Filters
A CMOS Analog Multiplier Free from Mobility Reduction and Body Effect
Multi-Input Floating Gate Differential Amplifier and Application to Intelligent Sensors
A Fast and Accurate Method of Redesigning Analog Subcircuits for Technology Scaling
Layout Dependent Matching Analysis of CMOS Circuits
An Analog-Digital Merged Neural Circuit Using Pulse Width Modulation Technique
Integrated Circuits of Map Chaos Generators
A Content-Addressable Memory Using “Switched Diffusion Analog Memory with Feedback Circuit”
Low Voltage High-Speed CMOS Square-Law Composite Transistor Cell