Introduction to the Special Issue on ICECS '99 Guest Editorial
A New CMOS Buffer Amplifier Design Used in Low Voltage MEMS Interface Circuits
A Smart Sensor Integrated Circuit for NASA's New Millennium Spacecraft
Capacitance to Frequency Converter Suitable for Sensor Applications Using Telemetry
A Small Area Charge Sensitive Readout Chain with a Dual Mode of Operation
Current Mode Circuits for Programmable WTA Neural Network
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Using Standard CMOS 0.8 μm Technology
Multi-Value Voltage-to-Voltage Converter Using a Multi-Stage Symmetrical Charge Pump for On-Chip EEPROM Programming
A Process- and Temperature-Independent Inverter-Comparator for Pulse Width Modulation Applications
A DDS Synthesizer with Digital Time Domain Interpolator
A Very High-Speed BiCMOS Replicating Current Comparator for Use in Viterbi Decoders
A 5.8 GHz Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless LAN Applications in Silicon Bipolar Technology
Varactor Diodeless Harmonic VCOs for GHz-Range Applications
A 1 V Second Order Sigma-Delta Modulator
High-Speed CMOS Track/Hold Circuit Design*