LV/LP CMOS Four-Quadrant Analog Multiplier Cell in Modified Bridged-Triode Scheme
Analog Adaptive Median Filters
A High-Frequency CMOS Current Summing Circuit
A Current Mirror for Low Voltage, High Performance Analog Circuits
High-Speed High-Precision CMOS Current Conveyor
A Modified CMOS Balanced Output Transconductor with Extended Linearity
Low Voltage Class AB Output Stage for CMOS Op-Amps Using Multiple Input Floating Gate Transistors
Low-Voltage Rail-to-Rail Tunable FGMOS Transconductor
Switched-Current Wave Filters with Reduced Number of Current Inversions
A Floating-Point ADC with Variable Gain Pipeline Stages
A Low-Noise, High-Gain Single-Ended Input Double-Balanced Mixer
A High Speed, Low Voltage CMOS Offset Comparator