Guest Editorial
A Convergence-Free Predistortion Technique for Adaptive Linearisation of RF Power Amplifiers
Silicon Bipolar LNAs in the X and Ku Bands
An Alternative Approach for the Design of Millimetric Wave Drivers for SSB Optical Modulator
A 1 V Micropower FGMOS Class AB Log-Domain Filter
A Low-Voltage Wide-Swing Programmable-Gain Current Amplifier
A Compact Four-Quadrant Floating-Gate MOS Multiplier
Analog CMOS Chipset for a 2-D Sound Localization System
A Novel On-Chip Amplifier for Fast I DD Current Monitoring
Harmonic Distortion in Switched Current Cells Due to Settling Error
A Non-Feedback Δ-Σ Modulator for Digital-to-Analog Conversion Using Digital Frequency Modulation
Analysis of Clock Jitter Effects in Wideband Sigma-Delta Modulators for RF-Applications
An 8-bit Folding A/D Converter with a New Interpolation Technique
Design of Semi-Uniform Quantizers and Their Application in Sigma Delta A/D Converters
A 1.5 V 12-bit 16 MSPS CMOS Pipelined ADC with 68 dB Dynamic Range
Stability Analysis of ΔΣ Modulators Using Wavelets