Thyristor Input-Protection Device Suitable for CMOS RF IC's
A Broadband Double-Conversion RF Tuner
1.1 V Low-Power ∑Δ Modulator for 14-bit, 16 KHz A/D Conversion Using a New Low-Voltage Class-AB Op-amp
Simplified Modeling of a Multipole Amplifier Using All-Pass Network Functions
Design of Square-Root Domain Filters
Fully Differential CMOS Current Feedback Operational Amplifier
Single DDCC Biquads with High Input Impedance and Minimum Number of Passive Elements
Digital Modulator with Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulator
A Novel Dual-Output CCII-Based Single-Ended to Differential Converter
A Tunable Square Root Domain Oscillator
A New Transadmittance Type First-Order Allpass Filter Employing Single Third Generation Current Conveyor
Realization of Series and Parallel R-L and C-D Impedances Using Single Differential Voltage Current Conveyor
Dual-Modulus Prescaler Based on Transmission Gates and Pseudo-PMOS Logic