Compact CMOS Baluns for the 4-10 GHz Band Applications
Design of an Optimized 2.5 GHz CMOS Differential LC Oscillator with Nonlinear Analysis for MOS Varactor
Fast Oscillator Phase Noise Estimation Based on AC Analysis
A 200 MHz 4.8 mW 3 V Fully Differential CMOS Sample-and-Hold Circuit with Low Hold Pedestal
Structured Design of Integrated Subscriber Line Interface System and Circuit
Current-Division-Based Digital Frequency Tuning for Active RC Filters
An Adaptive Biased Single-Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier with a Novel Rail-to-Rail Constant-g m Input Stage
Design for Stability of High-Speed Integrated Photoreceivers
Modulated Lapped Transform Domain Acoustic Echo Canceller with Double Talk Detector