A low voltage CMOS RF front-end for IEEE 802.11b WLAN transceiver
Sub-mA single ended CMOS low noise amplifier with 2.41 dB noise figure
Design and frequency/phase-noise analysis of a 10-GHz CMOS ring oscillator with coarse and fine frequency tuning
A designer's approach to device mismatch
Modeling of analog blocks by using standard hardware description language
A 1.8 V CMOS fourth-order Gm-C bandpass sigma-delta modulator dedicated to front-end ultrasonic receivers
A 0.8 μm CMOS testable switched-capacitor filter for video frequency applications
Dose control circuit for digital electrostatic electron-beam array lithography
New high-Q discrete-time LC bandpass filter design with center frequency broadband tuning
Implementation of a chaotic oscillator by designing Chua's diode with CMOS CFOAs