Wide dynamic range parallel feedback transimpedance amplifier for 10 Gb/s optical links
A dual complex pole-zero cancellation frequency compensation with gain-enhanced stage for three-stage amplifier
A 1 V switchable CMOS LNA for 802.11A/B WLAN applications
8 GHz 1V, CMOS quadrature downconverter for wireless applications
An analysis of high-frequency noise in RF active CMOS mixers
Full oscillation cycle phase noise analysis of differential CMOS LC oscillators
An analytical phase noise model of charge pump mismatch in sigma-delta frequency synthesizer
Efficient, ROM-less DDFS using non-linear interpolation and non-linear DAC
Explaining and eliminating latchup in a classical Wien oscillator via nonlinear design
An integrated improved CCII topology for resistive sensor application
A note on determination of oscillation startup condition
EVM estimation by analyzing transmitter imperfections mathematically and graphically
Low-voltage low-power 100 MHz programmable gain amplifier in 0.35 μm CMOS
Switched-capacitor track-and-hold amplifier with low sensitivity to op-amp imperfections