A 3-A CMOS low-dropout regulator with adaptive Miller compensation
Digital PWM controller with one-bit noise-shaping interface
High LO-RF isolation of zero-IF mixer in 0.18 μm CMOS technology*
A low-phase-noise 900-MHz CMOS ring oscillator with quadrature output
A 4 Gsample/s 2 bits flash ADC with 2–4 GHz input bandwidth for radio astronomy applications
CMOS image sensors for sensor networks
1-V bulk-driven CMOS analog programmable winner-takes-all circuit*
A monolithic isolation amplifier in silicon-on-insulator CMOS
A high performances CMOS CCII and high frequency applications
New op-amp-RC to G m -C transformation method
Rearrangement of mirror elements
Comment on “realization of series and parallel R-L and C-D impedances using single differential voltage current conveyor”