Introduction to the Special Issue on the MIXDES 2005
An evaluation of deep-submicron CMOS design optimized for operation at 77 K*
Design of low noise charge amplifier in sub-micron technology for fast shaping time
SC filter for RF sampling and downconversion with wideband image rejection
DC offsets in direct conversion multistandard wireless receivers : Modeling and cancellation
A bang-bang PLL employing dynamic gain control for low jitter and fast lock times
Highly sensitive wide-dynamic range optical burst-mode receivers for ultra fast gain switching
CMOS blocks for on-chip RF test
On the realization of the floating simulators using only grounded passive components
Design method for CMOS current-source modes power amplifiers based on PAE optimization
A new CMOS class AB serial link transmitter with a low supply voltage sensitivity
Minimum component SRCO and VFO using a single DVCCC
A new CMOS multimode digital pixel sensor dedicated to an implantable visual cortical stimulator
A low-power, second-order δ/Σ modulator using a single class-AB op-amp for voice-band applications
Nonlinear analysis, design, and implementation of a VCO in S frequency band