Cascade controller with sliding-mode-voltage and current-mode for monolithic high frequency DC–DC converters
A compact 1–30 μH, 1–350 μF, 5–50 mω ESR compliant, 1.5% accurate 0.6 μm CMOS differential ΣΔ boost dc–dc converter
Bandpass filtering of high-speed forwarded clocks
Design of a wideband low-power continuous-time ΣΔ modulator in 90 nm CMOS technology
A clock jitter error compensation and auto-tuning structure for continuous-time ΣΔ modulators
Use of nano-scale double-gate MOSFETs in low-power tunable current mode analog circuits
Functional tests of a 0.6 μm CMOS MLP analog neural network for fast on-board signal processing
A highly linear bulk-driven CMOS OTA for continuous-time filters