Guest Editorial-MWSCAS 2005
A low-power transmission-gate-based 16-bit multiplier for digital hearing aids
Parameter variations and crosstalk noise effects on high performance H-tree clock distribution networks
Adaptive log domain filters for system identification using floating gate transistors
A 2 GHz variable gain low noise amplifier in 0.18-μm CMOS
A 30-mW 8-b 125-MS/s pipelined ADC in 0.13-μm CMOS
Wide dynamic range CMOS pixels with reduced dark current
Characterization of the PHOCITM data integrated video sensor technology
Yield analysis for self-repairable MEMS devices
A kappa projection algorithm (KPA) for programming to femtoampere currents in standard CMOS floating-gate elements
Automatic DC operating point computation and design plan generation for analog IPs
A low-rate identification method for digital predistorters based on Volterra kernel interpolation
Multi-cumulant, multi-objective structural control
Development of an integrated hardware and software platform for the rapid detection of cerebral aneurysm rupture
Comparison of the scaling characteristics of nanoscale SOI N-channel multiple-gate MOSFETs
Compensation technique for DC and transient instability of thin film transistor circuits for large-area devices
Circuit development using biological components