Introduction to the special issue on the SBCCI 2007
A programmable voltage reference optimized for power management applications
Design of an integrated low power high CMRR instrumentation amplifier for biomedical applications
An ultra low power CMOS pA/V transconductor and its application to wavelet filters
Current mode instrumentation amplifier with rail-to-rail input and output
On the reduction of thermal and flicker noise in ENG signal recording amplifiers
An approximation algorithm to improve capacitance matching in the design of SC filters
New swapping technique for background calibration of capacitor mismatch and amplifier finite DC-gain in pipeline ADCs
A small area 8 bits 50 MHz CMOS DAC for Bluetooth transmitter
Design of a high-speed CMOS multi-bit quantizer for continuous-time Delta-Sigma Modulator applications
A 0.35 μm CMOS AM demodulator
Design of a digital FM demodulator based on a 2nd-order all-digital phase-locked loop
A translinear SiGe BiCMOS current-controlled oscillator with 80 Hz–800 MHz tuning range
System co-optimization in wireless receiver design with TrACS
Layout techniques for radiation hardening of standard CMOS active pixel sensors
Analog inner product operations for image compression in 0.35-μm CMOS
A multisampling time-domain CMOS imager with synchronous readout circuit