On-chip low drop-out voltage regulator with NMOS power transistor and dynamic biasing technique
An implanted system for multi-site nerve cuff-based ENG recording using velocity selectivity
A 250 MHz 11 bit 22 mW CMOS low-hold-pedestal fully differential sample-and-hold circuit
A 10 b 120 MS/s 108 mW 0.18 μm CMOS ADC with a PVT-insensitive current reference
Design strategies for multi-channel low-noise recording systems
Tunable mixed-mode OTA-C universal filter
A 10.7-MHz fully balanced, high-Q, 87-dB-dynamic-range current-tunable Gm-C bandpass filter
Design of low-power single-stage operational amplifiers based on an optimized settling model
ICCII-based universal current-mode analog filter employing only grounded passive components
A new electronically tunable current mode universal filter using MO-CCCII