A 6.4 mW, 4.9 nV/√Hz, 24 dBm IIP3 VGA for a multi-standard (WLAN, UMTS, and Bluetooth) receiver
A 12-mW 264-MHz high linearity sharp roll-off CMOS opamp-RC low-pass filter for MB-OFDM UWB systems
A 122 TΩ Hz transimpedance bandwidth product BiCMOS optical sensor front-end with a 54.7 dB voltage-controlled photo-sensitivity range
A behavioral-based multi-agent optimization algorithm for system level radio design
A novel heuristic for multi-objective optimization of analog circuit performances
A 14-b 32 MS/s pipelined ADC with fast convergence comprehensive background calibration
Extended frequency-band-decomposition sigma–delta A/D converter
Data-fused method of fault diagnosis for analog circuits
CMOS-based near zero-offset multiple inputs max–min circuits and its applications
Modelling of cubic Bézier curves by electronic circuits