A self-calibration scheme for extended frequency-band-decomposition sigma-delta ADC
A novel time-based low-power pipeline analog to digital converter
A single-PLL dual-PPF synthesizer for Mode-1 MB-OFDM UWB communication
A 5.25-GHz low-power down-conversion mixer in 0.18-μm CMOS technology
A 1.4GS/s 9-bit 45 dB power control RFDAC for digital radio transmitters
Low voltage low noise open loop automatic amplitude control for voltage-controlled oscillators
Discussion on Barkhausen and Nyquist stability criteria
Lossless average inductor current sensor for CMOS integrated DC-DC converters operating at high frequencies
A low-impedance, sub-bandgap 0.6 μm CMOS reference with 0.84% trimless 3-σ accuracy and −30 dB worst-case PSRR up to 50 MHz
Integrated interleaving SC power converters with analog and digital control schemes for energy-efficient microsystems
Low-voltage low-power improved linearity CMOS active resistor circuits
A high dynamic range ultralow-current-mode amplifier with pico-ampere sensitivity for biosensor applications
Design of tunable biquadratic filters employing CCCIIs
Lossless inductance simulation and voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter with one input and five outputs using DVCCs
An alternative to source degeneration of CMOS differential pair