Some Outstanding Achievements in Chemistry in 1999
Microwave Radiation in Analytical Chemistry
Effect of Microwave Radiation on Physicochemical Processes in Solutions and Heterogeneous Systems
Reduction of Ruthenium(IV) to Ruthenium(III) in Aqueous Alcohol Solutions of Hydrochloric Acid under Microwave Radiation
Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Complexation of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(IV) with Reagents of the Pyridylazoresorcinol Group
Preparation of Binuclear Rhodium(II) Tetraacetate (Initial Compound for the Coulometric Determination of Rhodium) under the Action of Microwave Radiation
Modifying Silicic Acid Xerogels and Accelerating Heterogeneous Reactions with Their Participation with the Use of Microwave Radiation
Microwave Sample Preparation in the Determination of Metals in Waste Water
Spectrophotometric and Fluorimetric Determination of Amino Acids by Their Reaction with o-Phthalic Aldehyde in the Presence of Sulfite and Cyanide Ions
Determination of Alkali and Alkaline-Earth Elements in Table Salt and Sodium Chloride by Sonoluminescence
Polyelectrolyte Sorbents for Ion Chromatography
Qualitative and Quantitative Treatment of Thin-Layer Chromatograms of Incompletely Separated Synthetic Food Colors
Determination of Barium by Classical and Alternating-Current Polarography
Determination of Impurity Arsenic in High-Purity Sulfur by Electrothermal Atomic-Absorption Spectrometry with the Use of Solvent Extraction
Systems for Continuous Water Quality Control in a Flow
Moscow Workshop on Analytical Chemistry
Workshop on Test Methods
N. N. Basargin (on the 70th Anniversary of His Birth)
Yu.A. Klyachko is Ninety