FECS List of 100 Distinguished European Chemists of 18th–20th Centuries
Flow-Injection Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
Peak Coincidence Tests in Qualitative Chromatographic Analysis
Information Database on Internal pH Gradients in Chromatofocusing
Detection of Explosive Vapors in the Air Using an Ion Drift Nonlinearity Spectrometer
Regularities in the Sorption Recovery of Osmium in Various Oxidation States (VIII, VI, and IV) on Silica Chemically Modified with Thiourea Derivatives
Solid-Phase Extraction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Polymer Sorbents
Microcolumn High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of ortho-Substituted Hydrophobic Phenol Derivatives
Determination of Volatile N-Nitrosamines in Food by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection
Solvent Extraction–Photometric Determination of Palladium Using Complexation with 1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-Naphthol
Solvent Extraction–Fluorimetric Determination of Thallium(III) in Manganese Oxide Ores with a Neutral Basic Red Dye
Application of Planar Chromatography with the Computer Processing of Chromatograms to the Analysis of Flavoring Materials Using the Determination of 4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Butanone (Raspberry Ketone) as an Example
Anionic Lead Complexes on the Solid Phase of Fibrous Filled Materials in the Reaction with 4(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol
Determination of Silver by Stripping Voltammetry at Composite Pyrocarbon–Glass Ceramic Electrodes
Determination of Arsenate Ions by Stripping Voltammetry at a Silver Electrode
Determination of the Selectivity of Electrodes Made of a Mixture of Nonstoichiometric Silver and Copper(I) Sulfides in the Analysis of Sulfur-Containing Aqueous Solutions
Moscow Workshop on Analytical Chemistry
“Sensor 2000. Sensors and Microsystems,” All-Russian Conference on Analytical Chemistry with the Participation of Foreign Scientists (June 21–23, St. Petersburg)
I. V. Pyatnitskii†