Chemists Who Fulfilled Themselves in Other Fields
Acoustic Wave Chemical Sensors for Gases
Speciation of Iron in Soils and the Relation with Its Concentration in Fruits
Identification of Toxic Organophosphorus Compounds and Products of Their Destruction Using 31P NMR Spectrometry
Triphenylmethane Dye of Sulfophthalein Series Adducts with Polyvinylpyrrolidone and Their Use in Chemical Analysis
Indirect Kinetic–Spectrophotometric Determination of Resorcinol, Catechol, and Hydroquinone
Low-Temperature Sorption–Luminescence Determination of Platinum Using Silica Chemically Modified with N-Allyl-N′-Propylthiourea and N-Phenyl-N′-Propylthiourea
Isotopic Analysis of 28Si-Enriched Silicon Using Laser Mass Spectrometry
Determination of Ammonium by Stripping Voltammetry
Determination of Barium by Stripping Voltammetry
Determination of Uric Acid by Voltammetry and Coulometric Titration
Ion-Selective Electrodes for the Determination of Nitrogen-Containing Medicinal Substances
Trihaloacetate-Selective Electrodes Based on Hexyl p-Trifluoroacetylbenzoate
Electrochemical Methods for Assessing the Effect of Metal Ions on the Functional Characteristics of the Phytocenosis of Surface Water1
Use of Flow-Injection Conductometry of Strong and Weak Protolytes in Solutions Containing Amino Acids1
Determination of the Concentration of Petroleum Products and Oils in Films at the Surface of Water Using a Solid-Electrolyte Analyzer
New Indicator Reactions Involving Sulfur-Containing Organic Compounds for the Kinetic Determination of Selenium
Studying Conditions for Measuring an Analytical Signal on a PU-2 Polarograph
Moscow Workshop on Analytical Chemistry