Analytical Instrumentation 2001
Internet Information Resources for Analytical Chemistry
Intralaboratory Quality Control of Chemical Analysis with Reference Materials at Disposal
Standardless Analysis of Multicomponent Mixtures of Substances by Time-Resolved Vibronic Spectroscopy
A Chemometric Approach to the Indirect Potentiometric Determination of the Components of a Redox Couple
Use of Ultrasound in Sample Preparation for the Determination of Mercury Species by Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Organic Reagents in Inorganic Analysis
Physicochemical and Analytical Properties of Surfactant-Modified Redox Reagents of the Diphenylamine Series
Voltammetric Determination of Riboflavin in Vitaminized Supplements and Feeds
Coulometric Determination of Purine Alkaloid Series with Electrogenerated Chlorine
Chromium(III)-Selective Electrodes Based on Titanium Dichalcogenides Intercalated with Chromium
Ion-Selective Electrode for the Determination of Sulfadimezine
Gas Sensing Properties of In2O3and Au-doped In2O3Films for Detecting Carbon Monoxide in Air
Determination of Free Oxygen in the Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides on Palladium-Containing Catalysts
Analytical Chemistry Department of St. Petersburg University
Standard Reference Materials in the Former Soviet Union and Russia
Yu. A. Zolotov, Analiticheskaya Khimiya
Results of Analyses on a Street Board
Anniversaries and Jubilees in 2001
V. V. Kuznetsov
Jubilee of Boris Yakovlevich Spivakov