General Methodological Aspects of Present-day Analytical Chemistry
Immunosensors in Biology and Medicine
Selective Sorption–Spectrometric Determination of Nanogram Amounts of Vanadium(IV) and Vanadium(V)
Highly Sensitive Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Trace Amounts of Indium with 5-Bromine-Salicylaldehyde Salicyloylhygrazone
Determination of Stability Constants of Copper(I) Chelates with 1,10-Phenanthroline by Thermal Lensing
Chemiluminescence Determination of Monopersulfuric Acid
Synergistic Effects in the Europium(III)–Thenoyltrifluoroacetone–1,10-Phenanthroline System in Micelles of Block Copolymers of Nonionic Surfactants and Their Analytical Applications
Determination of Inorganic Fluorine in High-Purity Silane
Determination of Elemental Sulfur in Bottom Sediments Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Use of Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene for the Determination of Pyrocatechol, Resorcinol, and Hydroquinone by Reversed-Phase HPLC with Dynamic On-line Preconcentration
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Metal Tetra-4-tert-Butylphthalocyanines
Determination of the Composition of Volatiles in Cognac (Brandy) by Headspace Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry
Determination of Pyrethroids by Potentiometric Titration with Silver Nitrate Solutions Using Semiconductor Indicator Electrodes
Chloride Response of a Cadmium Chloride Electrode
Determination of Residual Pesticide in Plant Materials Using Planar Cholinesterase Sensors Modified with Nafion
Determination of Antioxidant Ionol (2,6-Di-tert -Butyl-4-Methylphenol) in Transformer Oils by a Kinetic Method and IR Spectrometry
Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Examination at Far East State University
About the Plate Model of Chromatomembrane Gas Extraction
The Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Federation of European Chemical Societies
Jubilee of S. S. Grazhulene