Reading a Book about World Records in Chemistry
Selection of Conditions for the Dynamic Sorption Preconcentration of a 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine Derivative (4-Nitrobenzaldehyde N,N-Dimethylhydrazone) on Hydrophobized Silica
Determination of the Average Oxidation Degree of Manganese in Single Crystals of Manganites
Determination of Lead with 4-(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol after the Sorption of Lead as its Thiosulfate Complex on a Fibrous Sorbent Filled with AV-17
Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Chromium with Citrazinic Acid
Determination of Aluminum and Beryllium by Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometry with the Use of Chromaticity Functions
Determination of N-Phenylmaleimide by a Decrease in the Intensity of Anthracene Fluorescence
Unified Procedure for the Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Nitro Derivatives by Low-Temperature Luminescence
Activity of Aliphatic Diperoxy Acids in the Luminol Chemiluminescence Reaction
Electrochemical Study of Iodide in the Presence of Barbituric Acid
Solvent Effect on the Sensitivity and Selectivity of Determining Aniline and Toluidines in the Air by Piezoelectric Microweighing
Use of Metal Ions for the Estimation of the Efficiency of Antibody–Antigen Interactions
Doctoral Theses on Analytical Chemistry Defended in 1996–2000
Yu. G. Slizhov and M. A. Gavrilenko, Primenenie vnutrikompleksnykh soedinenii v gazovoi khromatografii (Application of Chelates in Gas Chromatography), Tomsk
26th Annual Session of the Council
Yurii Ivanovich Korovin is 75