Detection and Determination of Dioxins
Error and Uncertainty in the Results of Chemical Analysis
Extraction—Photometric Determination of Nitrophenols in Biological Fluids
Optical and Chromaticity Characteristics of Rare-Earth Element Complexes of Sulfochlorophenol and Sulfochlorophenol S
State of Polymethine (Styryl and Carbocyanine) Indolium Derivatives in Aqueous Solution and Their Analytical Properties
Signal Formation in Laser-Enhanced Atomic Ionization Spectrometry with Laser Sampling into the Flame
Interferences and Methods for Their Elimination in the Determination of Lanthanum as LaO by Laser-Enhanced Molecular Flame Ionization Spectrometry
Adsorption–Spectrophotometric Determination of Rhenium from Reflectance Spectra of Its Complexes on a PAN–AV-17 Adsorbent
Determination of Silicon Impurities in High-Purity Arsenic Using Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Matrix Distillation from a Tipped Electrode
Correction for Interelemental Interferences in X-ray Radiometric Analysis
Simulation of the Mechanism of Liquid Stationary Phase Retention in a Rotating Coiled Column : Hydrophilic Liquid Systems
Electrocatalytic Response of Electrodes Modified with Metal Phthalocyanines in the Cholinesterase–Thiocholine Ester System
Determination of Nifedipine by Differential Pulse Adsorptive Stripping Polarography
Test Films for the Determination of Aromatic Amines and Hydrazines in Aqueous Solutions
Metrology and Chemical Education
Analytical Chemistry Department of Tomsk State University
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