Sampling Air Containing Residual Ethylenediamine and Its Derivatives

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Conditions were studied for sampling air that contains residual ethylenediamine (EDA), β-hydroxyethylethylenediamine (HEEDA), and N,N′-bis-β-hydroxyethylethylenediamine (bis-HEEDA) using different absorbing media (0.0025 M H2SO4 , AFA filters, paper filters, ultrathin adsorbent films, and carboxyl-bearing VION KN-1 chemisorbent). It was shown that air can be sampled using 0.0025 M H2SO4 and blue ribbon paper filters. Sampling with chemisorbent VION KN-1 at a rate of 10–25 L/min was found to be the most efficient procedure.

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