On the Jubilee of Academician Yurii Aleksandrovich Zolotov
Chemical Analysis in Nanoreactors : Main Concepts and Applications
Stoichiographic Methods in the Analysis of Substances of Unknown Composition
Sorption of Ion Associates on Polyurethane Foams and Its Application to Sorption–Spectroscopic and Test Methods of Analysis
Adsorption–Catalytic Test Methods
Effect of Surfactants on the Immobilization of 4-(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol on Silochroms
Chromatomembrane Preconcentration of Trace Impurities of Organic Pollutants from Natural Waters and Atmospheric Air
Extraction of Organic Compounds : General Regularities and Application to Analysis
Discharge on Boiling in a Channel as a New Atomization and Excitation Source for the Flow Determination of Metals by Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Determination of Heavy Metals as Environmental Pollutants : Use of Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
New High-Performance Techniques for Ion-Exchange Separation
Separation of Substances in Rotating Coiled Columns : From Trace Elements to Microparticles
Electrochemical Detection of Components in a Flow
Binuclear Copper(II) Phthalocyanate as a Ionophore for Membrane Anion-Selective Electrodes
A Sensor for the Determination of Electropositive Elements
A New Approach to the Estimation of a Stationary State in Flow-Injection Analysis
Biochemical Tests Based on Stabilized Cholinesterase Preparations : New Approaches
Trace Analysis
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Sessions and Conferences under the Aegis of the Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Teaching Analytical Chemistry and the Training of Analytical Chemists