Ultrafast Chromatographic Separation
Ionophores Based on Cationic Dye-Containing Ion Pairs and Their Use in Ion-Selective Electrodes
Solvent Extraction Separation of Iridium(III) from Rhodium(III) by N-n-Octylaniline
Mechanism of Spectrum Excitation in a Solid Aerosol-Laden Plasma Jet of a Two-Jet Argon Arc Plasmatron
Qualitative Identification of Milk Fat from Chromatographic Data
Adequate Simulation Program IONCHROM
Determination of Gentamicin with an Amperometric Enzyme Immunosensor
Flow-Injection Determination of Toxic Aromatic Amines in Medicinal Preparations
Multicomponent Analysis of Liquids by Test Methods
Physicochemical Aspects of Test Methods Based on the Formation of Poorly Soluble Compounds in a Planar System
Enzymatic Methods for the Determination of Mercury(II)
Professor O. M. Petrukhin Is Seventy
M. A. Bol'shov Is Sixty