St. Petersburg's Contribution
Dynamic Preconcentration of Organic Substances on Nonpolar Adsorbents
On the Development of Fundamentally New Organic Reagents
Low-Dentate Reagents as Titrants in Complexometry
Photometric Determination of Dimaleimides
Photometric Determination of Chlorine in a Gas Flow in the Presence of Ozone
First Order Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Vanadium(V) and Iron(III) Individually and Simultaneously
Use of Fluorination Reactions in the Electrode Crater for Lowering the Detection Limits and Increasing the Reliability of the Direct-Current Arc Atomic Emission Determination of Elements
Matrix Effect in the Determination of Impurity Elements in Arsenic and Its Compounds by Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Preconcentration
Determination of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) by Using Activated Carbon-Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Chromatographic Retention and Enantioseparation of Amino Acid Derivatives on Aminated β-Cyclodextrin as Functions of the Hydrophobicity of Adsorbates
Use of Microspherical Sulfonated Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene in Ion Chromatography
Behavior of Solid Microparticles in Their Fractionation on a Rotating Coiled Column
Changing the Electrophoretic Mobility of Phenols Using Ionenes as Additives in the Buffer Electrolyte
Test Method for the Determination of Toxic Irritants in Air
Analysis of Food Products Using Carbonization and Ultrasonic Techniques
Lev Aleksandrovich Gribov is Seventy
Professor B. G. Derendyaev Is Sixty
Jubilee of R. M.-F. Salikhdzhanova
I. F. Abdullin†