Apoenzymes of Alkaline Phosphatases of Different Origin for Determining of Trace Zinc(II)

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The applicability of the apoenzymes of three alkaline phosphatases of different origin (bacterial from E. coli and animal from chicken intestine or the small intestine of a Greenland seal) to the determination of zinc(II) was studied. The alkaline apophosphatase from seal intestine was found to be promising for this purpose. The preparation conditions of the apoenzyme and the conditions of its reactivation with zinc(II) were optimized. Based on the reactivating effect of zinc(II) on the apoenzyme, which was prepared with the use of EDTA, an enzymatic method was developed for determining zinc(II) (0.01–0.1 μg/mL) with cmin = 8 ng/mL. The proposed procedure was applied to the determination of zinc(II) in blood serum.

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