The Kinetics of 1,8-Dihydroxy-2-(Pyrazol-5-ylazo)-Naphthalene-3,6-Disulfonic Acid Immobilization on Anion Exchangers1

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The sorption of 1,8-dihydroxy-2-(pyrazol-5-ylazo)-naphthalene-3,6-disulfonic acid onto the anion exchange resins Dowex 1-X8 and Dowex 2-X8 from aqueous solutions of between pH 1 and 10 was studied spectrophotometrically. Conditions for obtaining modified sorbents with a given capacity for the azo compound were investigated. The absorption and reflectance spectra of the sorbed dye were traced. The immobilized reagent retained chromic characteristics similar to those it had in solution. The mechanism of sorption was investigated under static conditions in the temperature range of 0 to 25°C by following the amount of sorbed dye as a function of contact time. The sorption was a first-order process in all cases. Pore diffusion was found to be the rate-limiting step in the sorption process. Diffusion coefficient values of from 6.0 × 10−7 to 7.4 × 10−7 cm2/s were calculated from the experimental results. The values of the activation energy of PACA sorption were found to be −8.56 and −8.05 kJ/mol for Dowex 1-X8 and Dowex 2-X8, respectively.

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