Determination of Integral Indices As a Problem of Analytical Chemistry
Second Generation of Correction Methods in Electron Probe X-ray Microanalysis
Concept of Selectivity and Its Meaning in Analytical Separation Techniques
Influence of Masking Agents on the Color Reactions of Dithizone with Pd(II), Hg(II), and Ag(I) Ions after the Sorption of Their Chloride Complexes on the Fibrous Filled Anion Exchanger AV-17
A Study of the Process of Gold Recovery from a Slag Melt into the Bottom Phase in Fire Assay
Determination of Methacycline and Glucose in Biological Fluids by Europium(III)-Sensitized Luminescence
Determination of Carbon Dioxide in Finely Dispersed Diopside Using IR Spectroscopy
Effect of the Ion Composition of Laser Plasma on the Performance Characteristics of the Results of Analysis on a Tandem Laser Mass Reflectron
Voltammetric Determination of Rubeanic Acid
Enhancing the Efficiency of Anodic Stripping Voltammetry in Systems Permitting a Change of the Solution without Opening the Circuit
Determination of Some Liposoluble Antioxidants by Coulometry and Voltammetry
Determination of Serum Albumin in Blood by Constant-Current Coulometry Using Electrochemically Generated Oxidizers
Factors Responsible for the Electrophoretic Behavior of Carboxylic Acid and Triazine Derivatives under Conditions of Capillary Zone Electrophoresis and Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
Separation and Determination of Phenolcarboxylic Acids by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Dynamic Preconcentration on Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene
Determination of Acetonitrile in Air Using a Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalance
A Thermochemical Ozone-Oxidation Detector
A New Catalytic Reaction for Determining Phenothiazine Derivatives
Flow-Injection Determination of Elemental Iodine by Polyvinyl Alcohol
Analiticheskaya Khimiya Metallov Platinovoi Gruppy
Jubilee of G.V. Myasoedova
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