Toward Attomoles
Use of Molecular Imprinted Polymers for the Separation and Preconcentration of Organic Compounds
Some Metrological Aspects of the Optimization of Thermal-Lens Procedures
Comparison of the Possibilities of Thermal-Lens Detection in Capillaries and Microchips
Improvement of Fine-Grained Gold Collection in Fire Assay Analysis
Preconcentration of Naphthalene, Biphenyl, and Acenaphthene on Fluoroplastic Sorbents
Voltammetry of Formaldehyde at Mechanically Renewable Solid Electrodes
A Mercury-Free Thick-Film Graphite Electrode for Determining Cobalt in Natural and Potable Waters by Stripping Voltammetry
Effect of Lactic Acid on the Electrochemical Determination of Iodide Ions
An Electrochemical Sol–Gel Sensor for Determining Iron by Stripping Voltammetry
An Optical Sensor for the Determination of Ascorbic Acid
Ion-Selective Electrodes for Determining Penicillin Antibiotics in Biological Fluids and Pharmaceutical Forms
Kinetic Determination of Iodide by the Oxidation Reaction of o-Phenylenediamine with Chloramine B
Rapid Test Determination of Iron(II) in Aqueous Media by Reagent Indicator Paper
Determination of Osmium Traces in Natural Samples
Determination of the Total Trace Elements in Natural Waters by the Sorption–Atomic Absorption Method with the Fractional Evaporation of Concentrates in a Crucible Atomizer
Analysis of Vegetable Oils by Microcolumn High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
2003 Prizes of the Scientific Council
II International Symposium on Separation and Preconcentration in Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry (on the Jubilee of Academician B.F. Myasoedov)
The Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Federation of European Chemical Societies and Professional Institutions (FECS)
European Chemistry Congress
Jubilee of M.P. Volynets
Jubilee of E.A. Materova
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