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Use of the mathematical apparatus of two-component spectrophotometry for the simultaneous catalymetric determination of two anions
New design of a sorption device for the preconcentration of organic impurities and their subsequent determination by gas chromatography
Extraction by reversed micelles of triton N-42 for the spectrophotometric determination of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Photometric determination of carboxylic acid impurities in polymers and organic liquids with the use of the ion pair of trinonyloctadecylammonium and bromothymol blue as the colored reagent
A New Procedure for The Spectrophotometric Determination of Nitrogen(II) Oxide in Solutions
Fluorimetric Determination of Tetracyclines with the Europium Chelate of 1,10-Phenanthroline in Micellar Solutions of Anionic Surfactants
Determination of the Elemental Composition of Cyanobacteria Cells and Cell Fractions by Atomic Emission and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Determination of Platinum by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Chromatographic Preconcentration from Aqueous Solutions
Direct Atomic Absorption Determination of Mercury in Drinking Water and Urine Using a Two-Step Electrothermal Atomizer
Determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in Meteorites Using Gamma-Ray Activation Analysis
Reactions of Superoxide Anion Radical with Antioxidants and Their Use in Voltammetry
Analytical Characteristics of Electrodes Selective for Cationic Phospholipid-Ba 2+ Complexes
Activation of Solid Electrodes Made of Platinum, Gold, and a Graphite-Epoxy Resin Composite by Mechanically Cutting Their Surfaces In Situ in The Anodic Voltammetry of Ascorbic Acid
Ion-Selective Electrode with A Film Membrane Based on Trioctylhydroxybenzenesulfonic Acid for Determining Methylene Blue
A Solid-State Ionic-Selective Electrode with an Ionic-Electronic Transducer for Determining Chlordiazepoxide
Flow-Injection Photometric Determination of the Phenol Index of Natural Waters in the Presence of Humic Acids
A Test Method for Determining Palladium in Chloride Solutions on the Solid Phase of a Fibrous Anion Exchanger
Determination of the herbicide acetochlor by fluorescence polarization immunoassay
Determination of Rhenium in Plant Materials
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