Who Was Who in Analytical Chemistry
Use of Organic Reagents for the Voltammetric Determination of Rare-Earth Elements
Simulation of the Motion of Solid Particles in the Carrier Liquid Flow in a Rotating Coiled Column
A Detection System for Microfluidic Chips Based on Epifluorescence Videomicroscopy and its Analytical Potentials
Determination of Trace Europium(III) Based on a New Fluorescence Enhancement System of Europium(III) With N,N′-bis-(4-N-Aminothiourea-2-Amylidene)-4,4′-Diaminodiphenyl Sulfone by EDTA or Alumin in N,N-Dimethylformamide1
Lanthanum Complexation with Reagents of the Arsenazo III Group on the Solid Phase of Fibrous ion Exchangers
System of Indicators for Acid-Base Titration in Surfactant-Stabilized Emulsions
Low-temperature sorption-luminescence determination of silver using silica gel chemically modified with mercaptopropyl groups
Gas Chromatography with Open Tubular Columns of Cyclododecane Derivatives
Separation of Homologues of Organic Compounds Using the Gradient of the Eluent Flow Rate on a Monolithic Porous Column
Liquid Countercurrent Chromatography
New Stationary Phases for Normal-Phase HPLC Based on Silica Gel Modified with Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, and Cadmium Salts
New Calcium-Selective Electrodes Based on Crown Compounds Bearing Ester Groups in the Macrocyclic Ring
Determination of Gases by a Combined Study of the Resistance and Noise Characteristics of Semiconductor Sensors
An Enzymatic Method for Determining Magnesium
Fifty Years of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
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