About Nobel Prizes, Again
Structure of Sulfophthalexons, Chelating Analytical Reagents
Preconcentration of Cadmium with OP-10 Nonionic Surfactant Phases at the Cloud Point
Solvent Extraction Separation of Germanium(IV) with N-n-Octylaniline As an Extractant
Photometric Determination of Tin in Caspian Sea Water
Analytical Aspects of Reactions of Primary Aromatic Amines with p-Dimethylaminocinnamic Aldehyde in the Presence of Surfactant Ions and Micelles
Phosphorimetric Determination of Active Components in Medicinal Preparations
X-ray Fluorescence Determination of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Fish and Plant Samples
Determination of the States of Oxidation of Metals in Thin Oxide Films by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Determination of Enalapril by Stripping Voltammetry at a Mercury Film Electrode
Potentialities of the Voltammetry of 2-Butyne-1,4-diol at Mechanically Renewed Solid Electrodes
Extraction-Coulometric Determination of Copper as Copper(II) 8-Hydroxyquinolinate
An Optical Chemical Sensor Based on Functional Polymer Films for Controlling Sulfur Dioxide in the Air of the Working Area
Effect of Surfactant Hydrophobicity on the Physicochemical Properties of Alkylpyridinium Alkylsulfates and Electroanalytical Characteristics of Membranes Based on These Compounds
A New Approach to the Enzymatic Determination of Magnesium, Calcium, and Barium
Determination of Manganese and Lead in Roadside Soil Samples by FAAS with Ultrasound Assisted Leaching
Determination of Trace Noble Metals in Natural Samples Using Hyphenated Methods
Study on the Determination of Heavy-Metal Ions in Tobacco and Tobacco Additives by Microwave Digestion and HPLC with PAD Detection
Ninety Years of Using Azo Compounds of the Pyridine Series as Analytical Reagents
II All-Russia Symposium on Test Methods of Chemical Analysis
Armin Genrikhovich Stromberg Has Passed Away