Separation in Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry
Contribution of Organic Acid Anions to the Alkalinity of Natural Humic Water
Extraction Preconcentration of Vanadium(V) as a Complex with 2-Hydroxy-5-t-Butylphenol-4′-Methoxyazobenzene and Its Determination by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Use of Optically Transparent Membranes for Preconcentration and Direct Phosphorimetric Determination of Pharmaceutical Flumequine
Complexation of Osmium(IV) with 3-Methyl-2,6-Dimercapto-1-Thiopyrone-4 and Its Catalytic Application
Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Paracetamol and p-Aminophenol in Pharmaceutical Products with Tiron Using Dissolved Oxygen as Oxidant
Photometric and Gas-Chromatographic Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxybutanoic Acid in Oxidized Butanoic Acid
Chemiluminescence Determination of Cyanide Ions
Determination of Spectrum-Structure Correlations Based on Integral Parameters of Mass Spectra
Specific Surface of a Stationary Phase in Gas-Liquid Chromatography
Chromatographic Properties of HPLC Sorbents Modified with Zinc Octa-4,5-Carboxyphthalocyanate
Gas-Chromatographic Separate Determination of Trace β-Chlorovinylarsonous Dichloroanhydride (Lewisite) and Anhydride (Lewisite Oxide) in Soil and Construction Materials
Voltammetric Reduction of In(III)-Eriochrome Red B Complexes
Ion-Selective Electrode for Determining Thallium(III) as Its Complexonate
Use of a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode for Amperometric Assay of Bromide and Iodide Ions
A Samarium (III) Selective Electrode Based on Zirconium (IV) Boratophosphate
Bioelectrochemical Response of the Polyaniline Tyrosinase Electrode to Phenol
Role of Frontier Molecular Orbital Symmetry of Reagents in Redox Catalytic Indicator Reactions
The Contribution of the Russian Chemists of the 19th Century to Analytical Chemistry
IUPAC Recommendations for Reference Standard Samples in pH Measurements
2004 Prizes of the Scientific Council
Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation
European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences
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