A cacophony of theories
To speak in tongues
Contemporary transference work and the analytic attitude
The lost steps of infancy
Archetype and object
A few thoughts about the mind, the brain, and a child with early deprivation
Science and the Symbolic World
The Self as violent Other
Coincidence, historical repetition, and self-knowledge
Response to Barbara Stephens's ‘The Martin Buber-Carl Jung disputations
A response to Barbara Stephens
Response to Barbara Stephens's paper in JAP, 46, 3
Patterns at play
Storyteller. The Many Lives of Laurens van der Post
Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis
Terrifying Transferences. Aftershocks of Childhood Trauma
The Making of an Analyst. A Memoir
‘Né et non né: réflexions sur la fratrie empêchée’
‘The symbolism of the story of Lot and his wife: the function of the “present relationship” and non-interpretative aspects of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating change’ Commentaries on ‘The symbolism of the story of Lot and his wife’
‘On “Telepathic Dreams?” An Unpublished Paper by Robert J. Stoller’
‘Loving them to death: the anorexic and her objects’
‘Whose sleep is it, anyway? Or “Night Moves”’
‘Minds in the making: attachment, the self-organizing brain, and developmentally-oriented psychoanalytic psychotherapy’
Books received
A relational self psychological perspective
Contributors to this issue
Bibliographical Note