The self invented personality? Reflections on authenticity and writing analytic papers
The roots of empathy and aggression in analysis
An ethical attitude in the analytic relationship
Reflections on death and mourning in relation to Dickens' novel Our Mutual Friend
Undoing dissociation. Affective neuroscience
The reception of Holocaust research in the world of psychology
Shadowed reality or the ‘Prometheus-complex’
Maria et le thérapeute, une écoute plurielle (Maria and the therapist
Raids on the Unthinkable
Who Owns Psychoanalysis?
Oedipus and the Couple
The Analyst's Analyst Within
The first formal reaction to C.G. Jung's departure from psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis as education
On psychoanalytic writing
“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”
“Jungian ground”
Relational fields in sandplay therapy
On holding and containing, being and dreaming
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