‘Go! Sterilise the fertile with thy rage’ Envy as embittered desire
Some brief considerations on the relationship between theory and practice
The timeliness and timelessness of the ‘archaic’
The impact of trauma on the psyche of the individual using the film Belleville Rendez-vous as an illustrative vehicle
Winnicott's dream
Wisdom of the Psyche
Psyche and Sacred
About a Body
False Self
The Geography of Meanings
Encounters with Melanie Klein
Waves of the unconscious
Is our sexuality our own? A developmental model of sexuality based on early affect mirroring
Culture, cognition, and Jean Laplanche's enigmatic signifier
Monstrous infants and vampyric mothers in Bram Stoker's Dracula
Projective identification
Projective identification
Projective identification
Heidegger's investigative method in being and time
Anxiety, authenticity and trauma
Beyond intersubjectivity
Body rhythms and the unconscious
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