Man in the age of technology
Response to Umberto Galimberti
When words do not mean what they say. Self-agency and the coercive use of language
Turning on and tuning out
A perspective on the patterns of loss, lack, disappointment and shame encountered in the treatment of six women with severe and chronic anorexia nervosa
‘Tradition and the analytical setting: is there any space for originality in our clinical practice?’
Music in dreams and the emergence of the self
The session of the two dreams
Jung, vitalism and ‘the psychoid’
Transformation of the Psyche
On Supervision – Psychoanalytic and Jungian Perspectives
Side Effects
Developmental Science and Psychoanalysis – Integration and Innovation
Envy and Gratitude Revisited
Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind
Shame and Sexuality
Sexual Orientation & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Learning about Mental Health Practice
Children in Genocide
Awakening Our Faith in the Future
Breaking Up Blues
The Emotional Healing Strategy
Contributors to this issue
Bibliographical Note