From the numinous to the sacred
Synchronicity and moments of meeting
Theory as metaphor: clinical knowledge and its communication
The family myth: its deconstruction and replacement with a balanced humanized narrative
Suppose Freud had chosen Orestes instead
The embodied mind
Re: Barry Miller's ‘The analysis of the homoerotic and the pursuit of meaning’, Journal of Analytical Psychology , 51, 3, 381–99, June 2006
Re: Roger Kaufman's Letter to the JAP
Feeling, Being and the Sense of Self by West, Marcus
From Ancient Myth to Modern Healing: THEMIS: Goddess of Heart-Soul, Justice and Reconciliation by Donleavy, Pamela & Shearer, Ann
The Mindful Brain. Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Wellbeing by Siegel, Daniel J.
Skin in Psychoanalysis by Ulnik, Jorge
Revolution In Mind: The Creation Of Psychoanalysis by Makari, George
Mind Works – Creativity and Technique in Psychoanalysis by Ferro, Antonino
The Transcendent Function Today: Imagination and Psychic Transformation in Analysis Friday 29 to Sunday 31 May 2009, Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco
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