From end time to the time of the end: some reflections about the emergence of subjectivity
Some limitations of analysis
Going home: migration as enactment and symbol
Analytical psychology and Daoist inner alchemy: a response to C.G. Jung's ‘Commentary on The Secret of the Golden Flower ’
The cryptomnesic origins of Jung's dream of the multi-storeyed house
Jung on War, Politics and Nazi Germany: Exploring the Theory of Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by Lewin, Nicholas
The Presence of the Feminine in Film by Apperson, Virginia & Beebe, John
Vision and Supervision: Jungian and Post-Jungian Perspectives edited by Mathers, Dale
Psyche and the Arts: Jungian Approaches to Music, Architecture, Literature, Painting and Film edited by Rowland, Susan
Carl Gustav Jung, «Kulturphilosoph » by Liard, Véronique
Compass of the Soul: Archetypal Guides to a Fuller Life by Giannini, John. L.
Music in dreams by Streich, Hildemarie
Clinical implications of Bion's thought by Ferro, A.
Sex, gender and violence: Estela Welldon's contribution to our understanding of the psychopathology of violence by Gilligan, J.
Why perversion? “False love” and the perverse pact by Stein, Ruth
Is there a drive to love? by Yovell, Yoram
The sound object: a hypothesis about prenatal auditory experience and memory by Maiello, Suzanne Agli albori della vita mentale: Forme nello spazio e nel tempo, e l'emergenza del terzo by Maiello, Suzanne
CYBERSPACE: The nodal self in the wide wide world – adolescents signing-on by Steinberger, Claire Beth
The analyst's implicit alpha-function, trauma and enactment in the analysis of borderline patients by Cassorla, Roosevelt M. Smeke Enactment controversies: a critical review of current debates by Ivey, Gavin Enactments: moving from deadly ways of relating to the beginnings of mental life by Morgan, David
The idea of a moral psychology: the impact of psychoanalysis on philosophy in Britain by Lear, Jonathan
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